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Calathea Ornata


Today let's talk about this beautiful plant with a unique design that I particularly like. In addition, it requires little maintenance. 

She has green leaves with pink lines. It likes medium lighting , if possible without direct sunlight. It will tell you if it lacks sun through its leaves. When the pink stripes on the leaves start to turn white, the plant is getting too much sun. Move it to a bit more shady spot and you will see the difference. She will like some direct sun in the morning, especially in winter. Placed too much in the shade, the calathea ornata weakens.

It likes a good level of humidity in the foliage, be even more careful in winter when our environment becomes dry with the heating. 

calathea ornata Leaf close leaf

When the leaves begin to turn brown or yellow, it may be in an environment that is too dry for the plant. In this case, be sure to mist your Calathea leaves daily or find another way Clay Ball Bed


For watering , in summer you can water once a week even two, with non-calcareous water. In winter, watering is reduced, if the temperature is not too hot. Like me I have a wood stove, so it can be as hot in summer as in winter. 

2-3 times a year, I like to clean its leaves of the dust that accumulates there. 

calathea ornata in the hands of the owner mimipots



I always urge you to seek out further information yourself or consult an advisor at a nursery who will help you with your Calathea purchase.

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