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Corporate/ Promotional

Mimipots the reference to beautify your daily life!

Welcome to Les Mimipots, your expert in customizable concrete products for businesses, designers and boutiques. We are proud to offer you a range of high quality concrete products, all custom made to your needs and specifications.

Whether you're looking for customizable corporate gifts, decorative items for your office or furniture for your public spaces, we're here to help you bring your projects to life.

Decorative, practical, durable objects in your image!

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Products and services:

We offer a wide variety of concrete products including:

  • Customizable corporate gifts, such as card holders , pencil holders , briefcases , candles .
  • Decorative items for offices and commercial spaces, such as flower pots , table accessories and much more. Bring your workspaces to life with stylish and durable concrete products.
  • Furniture for public spaces or for waiting rooms, such as coffee tables and pots for plants. Add a touch of modernity to your public spaces while providing exceptional durability.

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Here are some of our achievements :

To see one of our creations, here is the testimony of Marie-Ève, for whom we created two personalized products adapted to her profession. To find out more, click here .


We are proud to offer premium quality concrete products , made from sustainable materials .

Practical and aesthetic objects!

Contact us today to discuss your needs for customizable concrete products for your business or company.


Myriam Soucy

Cell: 438-275-5388