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Scale insects: fight and organic treatment

What is this bitch? we'll talk about it.

This is the first time I have so many plants at home and this winter I discovered a new parasite! Mealybugs, those pesky little bugs that spread quickly and hide under the leaves of our favorite plants.

I did some research and gathered the most relevant info for you right here:

First, there are several species of mealybugs. They take different shapes and colors. The most common is the mealybug which is found on our indoor plants. We can also find it in our gardens when it is the season.

Types of mealybugs:

-the oval-shaped one, the mealybug which is white and fluffy

- those who are brown

-the ones that are gray and others…

They particularly like confined, humid environments and high temperatures.

Having scale insects on a plant is often a contagion factor for other plants.

danger to the plant

Scale insects are to be taken seriously, because an attack can definitively condemn your plant.

· It feeds on the sap of the plant which therefore ends up weakening.

· It alters the proper development and growth of plants and can cause the appearance of a black fungus.

· On fruit trees such as citrus, mealybugs can compromise the harvest, even condemn the tree, if they are not treated in time.

Mealybug treatment

Natural and organic anti-mealybug recipe:

What I offer you:

You spray this solution 1 time per day for 3-4 days.

• There are also anti-mealybugs based on white oil which have proven their effectiveness. You will find them in specialty stores.


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