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How to make your own soil mix for your plants

This article aims to give you the tools to make your own mixture of succulent plant and cactus soil.

First, a good mix does not retain excess water.

It is important to know that too much water will kill your beautiful succulents.

The mixture :

1 volume of garden soil (without large stones)

1 part potting soil

1 volume of washed coarse sand

Grind charcoal into powder and add 1/2 volume

Add 1 half volume of coffee grounds collected and dried in the sun

MIX and pot.

Well, sincerely, as I told you in my article on "How to maintain your succulents" I buy my potting soil already ready-made, but it would be interesting if I tried this beautiful economical and ecological recipe one day.

In short, the essential elements of a good cactus substrate are a significant amount of minerals and a minimum of organic or water-retaining matter.

You can therefore use sand or small gravel. As I said earlier, the container is also of great importance. Preferably with a hole below, otherwise we must reduce the watering of our succulents.

Finally, I advise you to buy a potting mix already made if you are not comfortable and see what it is made of and adjust if you want to make one.

Thank you for reading and here are some links if you want to read further.

Myriam – Mimipots