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Discovery of our concrete universe on the web: the blogs and sites that have mentioned us!

Dear fans of decoration and concrete crafts, today we are delighted to share with you a great adventure that we have experienced: the discovery of our concrete universe through the mentions that we we received on different blogs and sites. It is with great pride that we present to you a selection of these mentions, which have contributed to promoting our company and our unique products. Without further ado, let’s dive into this article and discover these highlights of our journey together!

1. La Presse: “ Les Mimipots launch their winter collection for the Holidays ” December 5, 2022

The press: “ When concrete becomes art ” September 16, 2022

The press: “ Gifts to please dad ” June 9, 2023

Thank you Laila who has devoted articles to our company, highlighting the artisanal quality of our decorative concrete objects and their innovative use in interior decoration. They highlighted the diversity of our creations. Thanks to their article, we received many positive comments and inquiries from new customers. Among other things, we sold our Father's Day collection on June 9, what a nice surprise.

2. Silo 57: “ 9 decorative finds for your pets ” April 18, 2023

Silo 57 “ 32 gift ideas for stocking stuffers ” October 7, 2022

On the Silo 57 website, we had the chance to be included among the decorative trends to adopt for our pets and also for Christmas gift ideas.

3. Baron Mag: “ Myriam Soucy, founder of Mimipots ” May 12, 2020

4. Montréal Guadian: “ Homegrown Business: Myriam Soucy, Founder and CEO of Les Mimipots ” January 16, 2023

5. Carrefour jeunesse emploi des Moulins: “ 5 Tips for having fun at work ” April 13, 2023

6. Le Devoir: These decorating trends that do good February 26, 2022

7. CILEX Gatineau incubator: “ A Strong Mentor-Entrepreneur Relationship Propels Mimipots July 16, 2021

8. BE MTL: “ Les Mimipots Made concrete November 2, 2021

9. Buy the best: “ Les Mimipots: modern and timeless concrete decorations ” September 1, 2023

These mentions on various blogs and sites have been a real source of encouragement and motivation for us. They demonstrate the appreciation of our work and the relevance of our products in the world of decoration. We would like to sincerely thank all of these bloggers and editors who took the time to talk about our company. Thanks to them, we were able to reach new customers and expand our community.

If you have also discovered our concrete universe thanks to one of these mentions, do not hesitate to let us know. We look forward to continuing this great adventure with you and offering you even more unique and inspiring creations!