Eco-responsible concrete: How Les Mimipots combine sustainability and

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Eco-responsible concrete: How Les Mimipots combine sustainability and style

At Les Mimipots, we are committed to adopting eco-responsible practices to reduce our environmental footprint.

  1. Sustainable material: The choice of concrete as the main material. Durability, resistance and longevity compared to other more fragile and ephemeral materials. This reduces the need for frequent replacement, promoting more efficient use of resources and helping to reduce waste.
  2. Recycling of concrete: Concrete can be recycled, yes! Concrete can be recycled to create new concrete objects or used as a construction material. This practice helps reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and minimizes the impact on the environment.
  3. Workshop collection: We are promoting workshop collection. This option helps avoid unnecessary deliveries by mail, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with delivery. This is a practical aspect for local customers.
  4. Local manufacturing: We manufacture all of our products locally. We can therefore understand the benefit of local manufacturing in terms of reducing transport-related carbon emissions, supporting the local economy and strengthening links with the community.
  5. Packaging Reuse and Recycling: We are committed to reusing and recycling packaging for our orders. This minimizes packaging waste.