Elevate the atmosphere of your space with the Peridot Candle: Versatil – Les Mimipots

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Elevate the atmosphere of your space with the Peridot Candle: Versatility and Elegance

Welcome to the captivating world of our new product, the Peridot Jar Candle, named in homage to the magnificent precious stone of the same name. For us, each product name is a celebration of the splendor of precious and semi-precious stones, a tradition that our founder, Myriam, initiated from the start of our adventure in 2019.

Versatile Uses:
The Peridot Jar Candle is not just a simple candle, but a sensory experience that transcends the boundaries of functionality. Once the candle is finished, the Peridot Pot transforms into a versatile object, leaving a mark of elegance in your daily life.

Pair it with our Pocket Tray for an organized entry, where keys and change blend together in style, creating a welcoming and orderly space upon your arrival.

Create a zen atmosphere by combining the Peridot Pot with our Tray, accompanied by sage and palo santo. Opt for a darker shade to prevent any possible ash stains, adding a calming dimension to your space.

The elegant dimensions of the Peridot Pot (7 cm wide, 5 cm high) make it adaptable to various environments. With a generous burning time of 29 hours, this candle will accompany you throughout your moments of relaxation. Choose between the delicate fragrances of lavender or yankee eucalyptus to personalize your sensory experience.

Reinvent your space:
After illuminating your space with the soft glow of our Peridot Jar Candle, reinvent it for other uses, adding a touch of sophistication to every moment. Myriam, our founder, has meticulously designed this product by merging functionality and style, giving you a refined experience that goes beyond the simple candle.

The Peridot Jar Candle transcends the limits of traditional decoration by offering a complete sensory experience. From its first glow to its versatile use after the flame goes out, this product embodies elegance and functionality. Make your space a sanctuary of sophistication with the Peridot Jar Candle.