The secrets behind each Mimipot: Immerse yourself in our production st – Les Mimipots

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The secrets behind each Mimipot: Immerse yourself in our production stages

Each Mimipots pot, each bowl, each urn is the result of a meticulous process, combining artisanal know-how and technical expertise. Here's an exclusive look at our production stages, revealing the efforts put into creating unique, durable and aesthetically impeccable pieces.

1. The quest for the perfect recipe
Our beginnings were marked by a series of tests in 2019, trial and error to perfect our concrete recipe. The quality of our products depends on the precise balance between materials, texture and durability. This step allowed us to refine our skills and ensure that each batch of concrete meets our exacting standards.

2. Training: Key to success
To guarantee the quality of our products, we have invested in our training. Learning what “good quality concrete” is is essential to producing strong and durable parts. This step allowed us to master the techniques necessary to produce high quality Mimipots products.

3. Creating silicone molds
Each Mimipots pot starts with an idea. This idea is then transformed into a 3D drawing, which is then printed to create a silicone mold. Making these molds requires patience and precision, as they are essential to achieving the precise shape and details of each part.

4. Pouring concrete
Once the mold is ready, we can move on to the concrete pouring stage. This step requires great precision to ensure that the concrete correctly fills the mold and captures all the details of the design.

5. Demolding and sandblasting
Approximately 24 hours after casting, we carefully unmold each piece. Then we move on to the sandblasting stage, which consists of smoothing and uniforming the lower surface of the part to ensure its stability and aesthetics.

6. Applying the sealant
Once sanded, each piece is sealed to protect its surface and improve its durability. This sealer also helps highlight the subtle nuances of each piece, adding a finishing touch to its appearance.

7. Finishes: Anti-Slip Pitons and Signature Mimipots
Finally, we add anti-slip and apply our Mimipots signature stamp. These finishes not only guarantee the functionality of each piece, but also their authenticity as Mimipots products.
Every step of our production process is carried out with care and dedication, ensuring that each Mimipots product is a work of art in its own right. We hope this behind-the-scenes look has allowed you to appreciate the work and love we put into each piece we create.