Strings of heart - Ceropegia woodii - String of hearts Mimipots – Les Mimipots

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Strings of heart - Ceropegia woodii - String of hearts


Brightness ☀️

Very good luminosity or direct sun (beware of direct sun)
A south or west orientation
A good way to see if it has enough light is to look at its colors!
Also a large spacing between the leaves indicates a lack of light.



Likes a warmer temperature than cold.


Watering 💧

Like most succulents, it doesn't have a great top craving. Watering approximately every 2 weeks.
Water only when the soil is dry.
In winter, reduce watering.
Again, watering depends on many factors, the ambient humidity, its location, the soil and the pot.


Repotting 🪴

During the summer which is their period of growth.
In winter this is not recommended, as they are dormant.


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