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Concrete cat urns: A lasting tribute

Losing a pet, especially a beloved cat, is a heartbreaking experience. Our beloved felines leave an indelible mark on our lives and in our hearts. To pay tribute to their memory, it is important to choose an urn that reflects both their importance and the love we have for them. That's where our concrete cat urns come in, providing a stylish and durable way to preserve the memory of your furry friend.

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Concrete urns: Emotional durability

Our concrete cat urns are thoughtfully designed to capture the grace and beauty of your cat, while providing exceptional durability. Concrete is a robust material that resists the elements and time.

Two formats available

We understand that every cat is unique, as is their impact on our lives. This is why our concrete urns are available in two sizes: large and small. The choice is yours, depending on the space you have and/or you want to put it. Whatever format you choose, our concrete urns are designed with love.


Reliquaries: Preserving Precious Memories

In addition to our concrete urns, we also offer a range of delicately designed reliquaries. These precious little boxes allow you to preserve special memories of your cat, such as locks of hair, or even a miniature photo. Reliquaries are a beautiful way to keep tangible memories of your beloved cat close at hand, strengthening the emotional bond you shared. If you want to use the urn to put the necklace on, that's possible too. You decide what you need and what you want to keep private.

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The importance of decoration: Avoiding the funeral stereotype

When it comes to choosing an urn for your cat, it is essential to consider aesthetics. No one wants their pet's final tribute to look like a regular urn. That's why our concrete urns are carefully designed to evoke beauty rather than sadness. They are a work of art in their own right, reflecting your cat's unique personality and the special bond you share.


Our concrete urns come in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your personal style and your cat's personality. These urns, far from looking like simple receptacles, are true works of art that celebrate the life and love you shared with your cat.

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The “Concrete Memory” collection by Mimipots

This “Concrete Memory” collection by Mimipots was born from the loss of my cat Baby boo in December 2022. I wanted to create an urn in his image that I would love. The concrete urns we offer are the result of this personal experience and the desire to pay tribute to our four-legged companions in a meaningful way.


Bottom Line: Honor Your Cat in a Meaningful Way

Losing a cat is a deep emotional experience, but by choosing a concrete cat urn or reliquary, you can preserve the memory of your feline friend in a meaningful way. Our products are designed with love and attention to detail to honor your cat's beauty and personality, while reflecting the unconditional love you have for them.


When you choose a concrete cat urn or reliquary from our products, you are choosing to forever preserve the love and memories you shared with your beloved cat. It's a way to continue their legacy and celebrate the life and love they brought into your world.

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We are here to support you during this difficult time and we hope that our concrete urns and reliquaries will help you honor your cat's memory in a way that does them justice.