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Is concrete good for my plants?

Is concrete good for my plants?

Yes concrete is good for your plants.

When choosing a pot for our plant, there are several things to think about such as the size of the pot and the material of the pot.

First, concrete is resistant to all climates, which is a positive. Second, it won't leave lime rings like terracotta pots. Third, it doesn't mold like wooden bins/pots. Eventually, the concrete pot will be very strong.

If we take very simple concrete without sophisticated mixing, without additives to make it quality, it can be good for aerating the roots. However, our concrete recipe contains ingredients that retain water and moisture. Which is not optimal for soil and roots if you take a pot without a drainage hole. The terracotta pot is therefore much more porous than our concrete pots. With a terracotta pot, you will need to water your plant more than with a concrete pot.

There are several advantages of getting a Mimipots concrete pot:

  • Mimipots concrete is elegant and has a clean look, which is why it is an asset to your decor and to your plants.

  • If you put it outside, it is less likely to tip over in the wind due to its weight. Indoors, if you have a tanning cat, it's less likely to knock it down, but that's not guaranteed. See our article on poisonous plants for your pets.

  • A plus, you can paint the concrete pot if you want a change.

  • Concrete goes very well with all your plants. In addition, with Mimipots, you have access to many color choices to match your decor.

  • Your concrete pot will never go out of fashion.

  • Concrete does not burn or mold.

  • An economical local purchase, since it is sustainable over time.

In short, I'm not here to sell you concrete (yes I am), but there are several advantages to these.

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