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Office space/homework trend


We have decided to seek the advice and knowledge of a designer to tell you about the decoration trend for the office/homework space!

When we talk about office, we talk about concentration and productivity. Here is what Jessica Nolin, designer suggests to create an optimized and timeless home office / homework space!

According to Jessica, 3 aspects are very important when it comes to setting up an office space at home:

  • The light
  • The atmosphere
  • The organization

For light , it consists of yes, having natural light. Even if you are in a basement, you can optimize the brightness of your office space by having two light sources: surface lighting (work) + room lighting (ambient). In short, lighting is important because it prevents eye strain AND helps your mood a lot. You have to find the balance so that the office is functional and comfortable.

Pro Tip*

If you have access to a window, be careful if you install your desk in front of it, it could backlight your computer screen.

The atmosphere will play a role in the mood, the pleasure and the environment.

Certain colors are preferred for an office space:

  • FOREST GREEN (medium to dark): in addition to reminiscent of nature, it is a color that helps the execution of tasks / business development and gentle for the regeneration of the spirit. Can help with productivity.

You can opt for plants (natural or artificial) to bring that touch of green into your space. For example Mimipots which come with or without a drainage hole and saucers to protect furniture are also available.

  • BLUE (light to medium): calming, soothing effect, stress reduction

* be careful to combine with a touch of warm color such as yellow or red to keep everything inviting, warm and dynamic!  We don't want to sleep while working anyway! *

  • WHITE: blank canvas par excellence, white is perfect for maintaining adequate brightness in darker spaces. It will then match all your accessories, your books, and your decorations!

The atmosphere it's also the state of mind we have when we're at work or doing our homework. Do not hesitate to have a lit candle, essential oil diffusers or fresh flowers that will enhance the surrounding smell and stimulate your senses.

Flower vase: opal pot, vase , mini vase , tourmaline

Candles: here


As it concerns organization : have all your work necessities on hand. (Pencil, paper, pen, diary, coaster (for coffee/water, it's VERY important to keep hydrated!), calendar, paper storage, binder, printer, etc.)

For the office: Paper clip holder ; pencil holder ; storage compartment ; storage

Without having a room dedicated to telecommuting or homework and lessons, you don't have to constantly search for your equipment or constantly uninstall and reinstall. A console table leaning against a wall in the living room or in the bedroom. Ideally with drawers, to precisely store our equipment to do the trick!

The important thing is to create a comfortable, stimulating space that reflects your image. A pleasant place, where you will like to sit down to work or do your homework!

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